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SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD offers services for sourcing from China. Standard process and templates cove- ring the process of identifying competent suppliers, technical and QA/QC audit, quality surveillance, and comm- unication.

Driven by cost saving initiatives, sourcing from China has becoming a hot topic and the initiatives from sourcing consumables to sourcing capital equipment and to sourcing EPC or turn-key projects. There have been many failures of sourcing from China due to miscommunication, fail of technology competence, fail of quality control,fail of logistic arrangement, and fail of on-time delivery. In our understanding, sourcing from China is a system project covering sourcing, QA/QC, technology competence, logistic coordination, and finance arrangement. These tasks are hard to implement from remote without competent professi onals in China. To implement a change successfully, SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD believes that three targets need to be achieved. They are identifying a competent supplier, convincing internal end users with expertise, and communicating smoothly and offering services during the deal.

How to source a competent supplier from China

Cost savings are motivation for sourcing from China. According to value definition, cost savings may be based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or Acquisition Cost. This is a compulsory requirement.


The manufacturers are developing their technology along with the environment where their business is focusing. Therefore, understanding the difference between application environment is critical for evaluation. Technology competence is a compulsory criteria in identifying international suppliers.


SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD will only work with the manufacturers who are willing to improve according to customers' requirement and consider themselves not only manufacturers but also service providers.


It would be hard to identify a supplier in China whose QA/QC system can satisfy the requirement immediately. QA/QC improvement is a long course practice in China and additional QA/QC support SOURCING SERVICES CO LTD provided is critical.


Normally, site support is not available from Chinese manufacturer and it will be done through SOURCING SERVICES CO LTD global network.


How the order can be financed in order to meet to end users' payment requirement need to be analyzed case by case. SOURCING SERVICES CO LTD have certain arrangement on this task.

How to convince internal end users to accept the change

In order to get change approved, keeping expertise flowing through decision chain is critical. SOURCING SERVICES CO LTD with its strongengine-ering background and cross-cultural communication through our global network can put positive influence along decision chain.

Communication smoothly and offer services during the deal

SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD assign engineers for the task and target at minimizing risks and maximizing cost savings of sourcing from China. SOURCING SERVICES CO LTD has engineers who understand how the products are applied in different environment and how the products are manufactured in the factory. SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD put emphasis on planning and tracing the implementation of the plan. SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD carries out quality surveillance work and support the manufacturers on a continuous QA/QC process improvement.

SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD has supported customers from Chile, South Africa, Australia, Venezuela and Canada on supplying competent products from China to industries including mining, cement, manufacturing, sugar and packaging.