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SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD is supplying products to Australia, Chile, Canada, South Africa and Venezuela. The products range include regular consumables and commodities, capital equipments, and EP services.


SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD is considered not only a supplier for the products but also a service provider for customers. SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD prefers to manufacture the products at a small batch with continuous process in order to minimizing variation from manufacturing process and therefore offer a good foundation on continuous improvement. SOURCING SERVICES CO LTD also offers continuous improvement on commodities by customizing the products to fit into specific working environment.

Grinding Media

According to manufacturing process, it includes up-set forging, rolling forged, and cast balls. SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD focuses on rolling forged balls and cast balls. The products have been sold into Chile, Canada, South Africa, Venezuela and Australia. The products have been applied into copper, platinum, gold, nickel, and zinc mines and our products have been recognized by world famous mining and cement companies as top tier specification.

Casting and Foundries

Casting and foundry products include liners for crushers, mills, and pumps, G.E.T., and circle chains. Depending on different size, chemical composition, and application, SOURCING SERVICES CO LTD uses different casting facilities and heat treatment process.

Conveyor Belts

The belt can satisfy heavy duty material handling task. SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD recommend to use high tensile
with low thickness belts that will save energy consumption significantly. Conveyor belts have been supplying to South
Africa, Brazil and Chile.


Chemicals include Xanthates and other chemicals from ocean chemical industry such as caustic soda, soda ash, and ammonium chloride. The chemicals are supplying to Africa.

Refractory Bricks

China is a major producer for refractory bricks but the quality is various among manufacturers. Our products are supplying to Chile, US, and Europe. The products have been used in extremely hard working environment and the lifecycle has been proofed top quality in the world. Our products have been using in copper industry, glass industry, cement industry, and steel industry.


SOURCING SERVICE CO.,LTD can supply slewing bearing at short lead time with competitive price. The bearings are supplying into Australia South Africa and Laos.

SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD is also able to supply other commodities such as ceramic filter plates, disk filter plates, idlers for conveyors, spares for mills and klins, and others. You are welcome contact us at your interest.

Capital Equipments

SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD has supported customers in sourcing various equipments from China, including crushers, mills, bag filters, steel structures, flotation cells, ceramic and disk filters, slurry and chemical pumps, conveyors, trucks. SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD is able to offer EP services from designing to purchasing whole process for medium and small size mining project and the lead time could be controlled within half year.

Consolidated Solution for Project Campus

SOURCING SERVICES CO.,LTD can offer consolidated solution for project campus including pre-fabricated house, water treatment system, generators, and furniture. Scope of services includes design, supply, and installation supervision.

Pre-fabricated House

Our easy installation design can make the installation an easy task at site. The module are designed to be able to deliver in 40' containers. Most of fabrication works are done in the workshop and at project site, our supervisors will guide customers to erect the building just like playing blocks.

Containerized Water Treatment System

Our water treatment system can remove almost 100% particles and heavy metal in the water and therefore to protect miner health Our containerized water treatment system is also based on an easy delivery and easy installation design concept. Our supervisors will guide customers to connect water pipe with corresponding in-let and out-let connector.


Furniture equipped to living and office are manufactured with environmentally friend material. All these furniture is also designed based on easy installation principle. The furniture can be installed in flexible layout according to office layout design. Furniture will be delivered in 40' containers and desk board, screen, chairs, and hardware will be packaged separately and our easy installation design will require a screwdriver to connect embedded hardwires.

Warehouse Facilities

Our design can reduce delivery cost and easy installation at the site. We offer consolidated solution for all facilities used in warehouse including racks, pallets, ladders, and equipments such as folk lifts. They are exported to American and Africa.


Generators are designed based on the concept of easy installation, convenience to use and maintenance, and low noise, which are used for project campus.